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Step into the Future of Fitness: BeHealthy Smart Treadmill - Where Style Meets Performance!


Make running enjoyable

The smart treadmill has a setting for every experience level, from a slow walk, brisk walk, light jog, light run (up to 12kmph) or 2 hours continuous run. Suitable for users up to 120kg.

Offering a 12kmph running speed all the way down to 1 kmph walking minimum speed. With a 4% slope adjustment to add realistic terrains which challenge the most experienced runners and walkers.

Fuji BeHealthy Foldable positions


Cushioned to relieve pain

Replicating real running experience using the best-performing cushioned diamond pattern running belt.


Four layers of anti slip platform to provide a solid, quiet and durable workout.

Intelligent cushioning system to reduce the stress and pressure on the feet, legs and lower body joints, improving mobility.


Key Features

Intelligent Cushioning System

The running belt absorbs the shock to protect and stabilize the lower body joints.

FujiHealth's intelligent cushioning system for joint protection
Ultra Thick Running Platform

Quiet, durable & comfortable, suitable for for users up to 120kg if used for running. 150kg if used for walking

Pre-set professional training programs on FujiHealth Treadmill
Automatic Training Programs

12 training programs designed by professionals & fitness trainers

Anti-slip diamond pattern for enhanced grip and safety
Durable and thick running platform suitable for up to 150kg
Diamond Pattern Top Layer

Anti-slip diamond pattern that enhances the grip, preventing falls and injuries

The Fuji Health Treadmill has a minimalist, ergonomic design which is aesthetically pleasing, use it in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. It works on all floors form carpet and tiles, to wooden flooring. With one lift and one push the machine folds down, it is simple, stylish, compact and easy to store.

Enhance Stamina
con representing stamina enhancement with FujiHealth Treadmills
Reduce Stress Levels
Icon depicting stress reduction benefits
Burn Fat & Calories
Icon illustrating fat burning and calorie reduction
Icon for heart health improvement with regular treadmill use
Improve Heart Health

Benefits of using FujiHealth Treadmills






Easy to move

on wheels

Upright Stand


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Fuji Health BeHealthy Treadmills
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